IHI Partners with Neurala To Provide AI Powered Services

Neurala is the sole pioneer of Artificial Intelligence powered visual inspections in real- world applications. It recently announced that the company will partner with IHI, which is one of the largest producers of aircraft parts in the world, to improve workflow operations through visual inspection. Neurala, which was founded in 2006, is also the back operator of Brain Builder, a platform that is operated based on SaaS technology to provide high quality services while reducing cost and time spent.

Automation is an area of critical focus as we further strengthen our reputation as the leading manufacturer of transport-related machinery worldwide,” said Ms. Nobuko Mizumoto, Director of IHI Corporation. “Today, we are collecting data on our workflow that needs to be carefully analysed. AI-assisted data analysis is the future of manufacturing processes, and Neurala has the industrial and manufacturing inspection expertise we require in an AI solution. As we lead IHI into Industry 4.0, we are proud to partner with Neurala to deploy a reliable AI that can function in settings that are subjective and change rapidly, without requiring any downtime on our production lines.”

IHI will leverage Neurala’s automated visual inspection platform to review product and workflow processes, cementing its reputation as a leader in safety and efficiency. It will also fully optimize the use of the Brain Builder platform as a means to achieving this.

We are thrilled to partner with IHI as we illustrate the critical role AI will play in manufacturing, improving efficiency in a field in which optimization is essential,” said Massimiliano Versace, co-founder and CEO of Neurala. “We look forward to building upon our strong presence in the APAC region through an industry leader like IHI. IHI selected Neurala to bolster its offerings as the industrial sector continues to evolve; our partnership will demonstrate the value of implementing AI to solve challenges of visual inspection on factory floors and to improve automation.”