Imperva using AI to Fight Against AI

As companies start adopting new technologies to improve the operation and efficiency of their business models, they tend to introduce new cybersecurity threats into their systems. Cybersecurity manufacturer Imperva deals with supplying threat protection to businesses. The company utilizes AI and machine learning to analyze the incoming risks that impact their clients and adapt to the changing landscape of cyber threats. In cybersecurity, staying one step ahead of the competition is a necessity. As malicious users start using AI systems in their products, cybersecurity must figure out how to adapt on the fly to combat these threats that have the potential to evolve. Imperva attempts to do that through the use of AI to combat AI.

About One Million Attacks Blocked Per Minute

Imperva is currently employed in protecting over three million enterprise databases. Its CEO, Pam Murphy, mentions that the company’s data collection centers get records for each attempted attack on a network that Imperva is protecting. The numbers are staggering, working out to close to one million attacks per minute. The collection of this data enables Imperva to analyze incoming sequences and determine what they’re looking at to figure out what part of their cybersecurity defense should be shored up. Ms. Murphy has also noted that, in the recent past, most of the attacks were fast and focused. Today’s attacks are more methodical and slower, yet coming at a continuous pace, forcing the company’s cybersecurity management system to meet those threats with new countermeasures almost daily.

Evidence-Based Approach

With the vast volumes of data that Imperva has access to, it is in a unique position to determine the needs of their clientele and respond to those requirements. By pushing the boundaries of cybersecurity innovation, Imperva intends to combine its data collection system with analytics to help them develop solutions that can be applied across the board. As AI systems become more prevalent in cyberattacks, other cybersecurity companies would do well to pattern their innovation after Imperva, to provide better protection to their clients.