InContact Unveils New Release of Complete Cloud Contact Center Solution

Image Attribution: Flickr

InContact has built its business on helping businesses manage better customer experiences by providing them with the call center software that they need in order stay competitive. In today’s hyper-competitive, consumer economy, InContact provides solutions that those wanting to take their call center into the cloud. By migrating core call center features and functionalities into the cloud, organizations can gain significant savings on each seat in their call center.
“No other cloud contact center provider offers the depth and breadth of technology, people and partners, that we bring to the table to help companies achieve their goals,” says Paul Jarman, the CEO of inContact.
“With our comprehensive approach in the cloud, we are making it easier and more affordable for companies of all sizes to create and manage stand-out customer experiences while meeting their key business metrics.”
The official name of inContact’s call center suite is called the Cloud Customer Interaction Platform (CCIP). This platform has several key features that set itself apart from the competition. These features include:
Extendability – The CCIP is able to talk to over 210 different business apps and services through its robust API.
One Agent, Multiple Channels – Whether its live chat, telephone chat, email or another type of emerging contact media, inContact’s CCIP can help your agents reach out to your customers.
Optimize Your Agents – Getting the most out of your call center agents can certainly help your organizations thrive. The CCIP does that by providing managers with an in depth look at the analytics generated by your agents.
The Cloud Customer Interaction Platform by inContact is versatile and can be used in a variety of different environments such as small business, telemarketing, government, inbound call centers and more.