Indiana-based RS2 Technologies to be acquired by ACRE

ACRE, global giants in the market of state-of-the-art security systems provider, has announced their most recent acquisition of RS2 Technologies. RS2 is a company that makes use of an open architecture platform approach to provide a broad product offering by partnering with various technology firms. RS2 has remained in the market demand trend because of the extra-effort they put into the addressing consumer concerns and fulfilling their needs. The company collects VOC from both end-users and installers alike to enhance their services, to stay relevant in the market just like they have since RS2 was founded in 1988.

Joseph Grillo, the CEO of ACRE has made it known to the public that this transaction is in cue with the expansion of ACRE’s competitive position in a specialized market with a great future ahead. He also mentioned that the acquisition of RS2 would enhance the company’s portfolio in the access control fragment of the market and provide them with an upper hand in a highly competitive market.

ACRE is a worldwide leader in the delivery of integrated technologies and services. The company has been a force in the market since its formation in 2012 with their continuous implementation and development of top security technology initiatives to tackle problems from all around the world. They currently have a workforce that consists of about 425 employees in over 20 countries globally.

RS2 Technologies have their headquarters in Munster, Indiana. They are prominent manufacturers of premium access control hardware and software, that are primarily technology-driven. Their hardware line includes a broad range of input/output models, card readers, system control processors, proximity and smart cards. RS2 provides Access It! line of access control software that can be easily considered the most advanced, user-friendly software in the industry. The company is a Microsoft Certified Partner with Independent Software Vendor (ISV) status in level of competence with software solutions.