Infinitely Virtual Moves Into the Cloud Hosting Market for Healthcare Providers

Image Attribution: Flickr

It is impossible to talk about Healthcare IT without first discussing HIPAA. The healthcare information law that was enacted in 1996 by US Congress has transformed the way information services must be delivered to end users in the healthcare industry. With that being said, the market has adapted to the HIPAA procedures by offering robust solutions that implement the industries best practices when handling private data.
Infinitely Virtual is a cloud hosting provider that is specifically tailored for healthcare organizations. As a part of its move into the healthcare sector, Infinitely Virtual was required to get a HIPAA audit. This audit was performed by HITECH and Infinitely Virtual is pleased to announce that it passed the audit with flying colors.
The announcement of the successful HIPAA audit coincides with Infinitely Virtual’s new product offering called FDE, which is short for full disk encryption. Just like other encryption suites, those who would like to access the data on the fully encrypted disk will need to use an encryption key to access the data. FDE works instantaneously, meaning, when an end user saves data onto a disk, that data is fully encrypted automatically.
“HIPAA is a rigorous and demanding environment, and only a select number of vendors can truly compete in the space, largely because of the security requirements,” says Adam Stern, the founder and CEO of Infinitely Virtual.
“With our HIPAA audit now complete, our strategic goal is to offer a series of HIPAA hosting plans during 2016 and to bring our distinctive Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) approach to healthcare IT, from pricing to customer support,” adds Stern.
Infinitely Virtual has also received press for earning the “Enterprise-Ready” rating by Skyhigh Networks CloudTrust program. Infinitely Virtual specializes in hosting any type of server for your healthcare organization including databases, SharePoint, terminal servers, file servers and more.