Infoblox Premiers Network Automation for Private Cloud

Coinciding with the Cisco Live 2015 conference being held in Milan, Italy,  Infoblox has released an announcement detailing its newest product called Cloud Network Automation. With Infoblox Cloud Network Automation, private cloud administrators will be  able to automatically commission and decommission virtual machines effortlessly as Infoblox takes care of the provisioning of IP addresses and DNS records behind the scenes. Infoblox has a booth setup at the Cisco Live 2015 conference and sources say that Infoblox will be demonstrating the Cloud Network Automation suite integrated alongside of the Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure.
Infoblox mentions that their Cloud Network Automation suite works by incorporating free adapters that allow administrators to interface with some of the most common cloud platforms. These platforms consist of BMC, CA, Cisco, ElasticBox, HP, Microsoft, OpenStack, ServiceMesh, and VMware. This functionality gives administrators the ability to use point-and-click to deployment options with new virtual machines allowing the virtual machines to be provisioned with IP addresses and DNS names regardless if any that VM info has been used in the past. Infoblox Cloud Network Automation allows organizations to scale up and down quickly without having to rely on manual processes. Cloud Network Automation reduces downtime by the implementation of its Infoblox’s Cloud Platform Appliance inside of your datacenter.
The Infoblox Cloud Platform Appliance operates autonomously however the appliances are managed centrally. The Cloud Platform Appliance is only one piece of this suite. The Cloud Platform Appliance works hand in hand with Infoblox’s GUI for the Cloud Network Automation console. The Cloud Network Automation console works by giving administrators power to create groups, establish processes and monitor their cloud. The Cloud Platform Appliance sits in the data center and is configured by the Network Automation console. Allowing Infoblox to connect to different private cloud technologies are the adapters included for free with the software. Administrators can use Infoblox’s GUI interface to get auditing data that makes it easier to jive with corporate compliance requirements. Infoblox can tell you historical data on a virtual machine due to its self-auditing capabilities. More information can be found at Infoblox’s Cloud Network Automation page.