InfoBlox Releases Free Test Drive, Allows You to Build DDI from Website

Try before you buy is one of the best ways to evaluate cloud solutions. InfoBlox is embracing the try before you buy philosophy in order to bring on additional customers.
According to a release on the InfoBlox website, cloud architects can now test drive InfoBlox in order to build out DDI for their cloud. InfoBlox routinely refers to DNS, DHCP and IP management as DDI. When you begin building out your cloud, InfoBlox ensures that your DNS, DHCP and IP management is setup using network function virtualization (NFV).
InfoBlox lets you bring your own cloud to the party. With support for cloud vendors such as VMware, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Cisco, OpenStack, HP, BMC, CA, and ElasticBox, InfoBlox is your one stop shop solution for DDI management.
“Our new test drive has no cost, requires almost no effort, and takes almost no time to launch,” mentions Arya Barirani, the VP of product marketing at Infoblox.
“In short, it’s never been easier to see for yourself how Infoblox DDI can make networks more reliable, scalable, and secure,” adds Barirani.
InfoBlox says that they only allow you to have three hours at a time for the test drive, so ensure that the amount of time that you have set aside for training doesn’t exceed the three hour window.
InfoBlox is so easy that the three hour window is likely overkill. If you have experience in managing cloud services, the interface will likely have a natural feel. When building out a large network, the routing and assignment of IP addresses can become convoluted. When you begin utilizing InfoBlox, you can easily build out your network quickly and efficiently in the cloud.