InfoBlox Simplifies Private Cloud Networking

Managing the networking aspect of a private cloud should be easy, right? When your private cloud begins to get robust, you can run into network errors and conflicts that can put your production environment at risk of significant downtime. Infoblox offers a solution to this problem. Infoblox mentions that not even OpenStack is immune to the private cloud networking problems that Infoblox describes on their website. Infoblox is designed to fix private cloud networking problems before they even begin to develop. So what is Infoblox?

Officially named Infoblox DDI, the product will be placed in datacenters as either a datacenter appliance or a piece of hardware that sits in the rack. DDI is short for DNS, DHCP and IP address. When you start creating virtual machines using your using your favorite hypervisor, Infoblox DDI handles these networking requests and ensures that your virtual private cloud network stays consistent. Infoblox has been tested with the largest private cloud vendors such as HP, VMware, and Microsoft. When you have automated your private cloud deployments using orchestration, your network can get confusing quickly. Imagine if you have a hybrid environment with both an on premises cloud and a public cloud. How can ensure that the clouds will play nicely with one another? Infoblox solves these problems before they develop.

Infoblox is more than an SDN product. Vice President of Marketing for Infoblox, Arya Barirani mentions, “SDN is more about endpoints… and while private clouds may use SDN, it doesn’t solve this particular issue.” Infoblox pays attention to the intricate details that system administrators might miss when they are running a private cloud. This attention to detail fills a void in the market, a void that Infoblox hopes to cash in on. Barirani goes on to say, “Building resilient, redundant, automate services with this kind of integration is not something vendors or open source providers can do. The reason people haven’t done it is because we live in this space, and a lot of other vendors don’t focus.”