Information Technology Pathway Program Unveiled in Indiana

A new program was presented to the Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation on Monday night at a school board meeting. The program presented would allow for high school students to gain college credit while they take classes that allow them to receive an IT certification.

Ivy Tech is launching an information technology pathway program that will start during the sophomore year of a high school students’ career. The program takes three years to complete, but once they complete the program, they will have obtained an entry-level credential that computer technicians have and the knowledge of multiple different areas of Computer Technology.

The program will allow a high school student to obtain 23 college credits that are transferable to Ivy Tech or any other public four-year university in the state of Indiana. These students can begin their college career with a CompTIA A+ certification already in their arsenal.

This isn’t just for the students though. This helps prepare the future workforce for the constantly changing technological fields. There is always a high demand for workers who are knowledgeable about technology and cybersecurity.

Ivy Tech Community College is working in conjunction with Columbus and Columbus Signature Academy-New Tech to achieve this program.

The three-year course calendar will support such topics as cybersecurity, networking, IT support, software development, and other industry-changing topics that are deemed necessary for a future in the computer information technology sector.

Sophomore high school students will be given priority for program placement. If spots are still available, it will open to juniors and seniors.

Ivy Tech Community College is offering this program at no cost to high school students when they are taken as dual credit at a certified Ivy Tech facility. If the course is not offered at a certified location the option to take the courses online will be available but for an additional cost.