Ingram Micro Begins Selling IBM Cloud within Marketplace

Image Attribution: Flickr

IBM and Ingram Micro have just inked a deal that will allow IBM to sell its cloud products such as SoftLayer inside of the Ingram Micro’s online marketplace.
The deal was just announced in conjunction with Ingram Micro’s intentions of expanding its online marketplace to other countries around the globe. Ingram Micro has stated that it wishes to expand its marketplace into countries such as Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Mexico, Netherlands, the U.K. and more.
Ingram Micro customers can build a fully functional public, private or hybrid cloud using IBM’s SoftLayer. Within SoftLayer, Ingram Micro customers can provision bare metal servers, virtual servers, security services and storage. Customers can order up their cloud services through a web portal, as well as an API making their next cloud deployment flexible and robust.
SoftLayer’s cloud now offers Ingram Micro customers more advanced solutions than ever. For example, SoftLayer services that can be purchased through the Ingram Micro Marketplace are Virtual Private Server, Bare Metal Recovery and Network Gateway appliances.
“With SoftLayer in the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace, it is easier and faster for organizations to adopt in-country compliant cloud services that drive business innovation and transformation,” says Nimesh Dave, EVP of global cloud at Ingram Micro.
“We’re committed to developing additional services for workload migration, capitalizing on our professional services capabilities,” added Dave.
One of the big pluses for Ingram Micro is that IBM already has established itself as being compliant with many different industry requirements. When you think about the world of finance, government or health care, each of these sectors have their own set of rules which governs the way data can be handled.
By selling IBM cloud products within the Ingram Micro Marketplace, IBM is able to further expand their customer base while Ingram Micro is able to sell out-of-the-box compliant solutions to its existing customer base. Seems like a win-win-win for all parties involved.