Insilico Medicine Pioneers Use of Artificial Intelligence in the System of Drug Development

According to Alex Zhavoronkov, the CEO of Insilico Medicine, “When we first proposed the idea of using the AI technique of generative adversarial networks to accelerate drug discovery in 2016, most of the industry was skeptical. With GENTRL’s successful experimentation and validation, Insilico has moved the use of AI for drug discovery from academic theory to reality, from what many thought was scientifically impossible to now possible.” “The development of these first six molecules as an experimental validation is just the start, by enabling the rapid discovery of novel molecules and by making GENTRL’s source code open source, we are ushering in new possibilities for the creation and discovery of new life-saving medicine for incurable diseases — and making such powerful technology more broadly accessible for the first time to the public.”

The new development can be objectively listed as follows;

  • Creation of the Artificial Intelligence powered System, known as ‘Gentrl’, which can develop new molecules within a time span of 21 days.
  • The system also created 6 new molecules capable of combating difficult conditions such as Fibrosis.
  • Availability of its Source code as an Open code for all.
  • Validation of modern AI techniques in generative adversarial networks and generative reinforcement learning.

The AI system development was based on an academic research which was done in 2016 by Insilico. The academic research developed on the use of new techniques in Artificial Intelligence such as generative adversarial networks (GAN) and generative reinforcement learning (RL), to increase the creation of new drug types. Gentrl was developed together with other companies which are WuXi App Tec; a R&D based platform, and Alán Aspuru-Guzik; an artificial intelligence and computing firm.