Instagram’s Newest Feature looks Remarkably Similar to TikTok

Facebook understands the need to compete against its rivals. There are several situations where the company noted the usefulness of certain features and developed its own in-house version. Something similar seems to be happening with Instagram. The app added a feature called Reels, which is apparently similar to TikTok’s miniature videos. Users can develop short, fifteen-second clips that can be uploaded to their stories.

Instagram Reflects Lasso

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg jettisoned the company’s first attempt at developing a direct competitor to TikTok. The app, called Lasso, provided a separate app for users to create and share their mini-stories. In a stroke of brilliance, the company ditched the need for a new app and included the functionality within Instagram. It is suspicious that the rollout of this feature comes just weeks after Zuckerberg condemned TikTok for security concerns. Creating a direct competitor to the app may raise some eyebrows about his statement during a speech at Georgetown University.

Limited Customization Options

The functionality that Reels has currently is limited and doesn’t have nearly as many options as TikTok’s system does. However, if the feature starts garnering more users, the company may invest more time into expanding the range of tools. At current, users can record their fifteen-second video in silence, or add music from the library of songs that Facebook has available. Additionally, users can edit the speed of the video and add overlay scenes for better transitions.

Only Available in Brazil for Now

Despite the oncoming hype of the new feature, Facebook confirmed that for the time being, the feature is only available to Brazilian users. Depending on the response, the company may consider rolling it our worldwide or revamping it to test it again. The feature keeps with Facebook’s intention to use Instagram stories to help users express themselves. Whether the feature will impact the massive user base of TikTok remains uncertain.