Instant Chime Combines O365 & Skype Into a Service Desk App

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Office 365 and Skype for Business are becoming two of the most popular tools being used in organizations all around the world.
Instant Chime 2.4, a product created by Instant Technologies, seeks to leverage Skype for Business and Office 365 to create an all encompassing service desk solution for the enterprise.
Instant Chime extends past the Microsoft Cloud ecosystem and allows your business to integrate its service desk app into cloud services such as Salesforce, ServiceNow or Microsoft Dynamics.
So what exactly is Instant Chime?
Users of Instant Chime are able to gain persistent, up to the minute information about the software and services utilized by your organization. In addition, privileged users can spontaneously create a chat room, deploy an enterprise alert or gain intelligence on a cloud service outage.
“Instant Chime extends our service desk platform with additional CRM and cloud integration” mentions Instant Technologies President Peyton McManus.
“Our latest release continues to build on our excellent service desk platform and is a result of direct customer feedback. Our virtual agent platform will allow us to integrate with 3rd party applications and will provide immediate value for our customers,” added McManus.
As of now, Instant Technologies is seeking beta testers for its new Instant Chime 2.4 product.
Interested entities can now add Instant Chime into their service desk ecosystem as another layer to decrease the amount of time it takes to resolve a specific issue.
If you do choose to integrate Chime into your environment as a beta tester, your organization will be eligible for special pricing in the future.
Chime’s website has videos, tutorials and more information about Instant Chime’s beta program, which you can sign up for today.
Instant Technologies is most known for developing compliant solutions for real time communication products such as Microsoft Lync, IBM Sametime and others.