Insurance Purchase Process Made Easier With Gen Re’s NOW App Which Uses Facial Analytics to Advantage

Gen Re,has succeeded in using facial analytics to advantage with the launch of its NOW app that makes the process of purchasing insurance one to look forward to.

Anyone who has purchased Hospital cash, Life or Accidental Death insurance would wonder if it is really possible for the insurance process to become a better one, but the Gen Re’s NOW app has apparently changed the narrative for the better.

The process is an interesting one which simply starts by allowing the user to upload a selfie of themselves from their smartphone after which the app estimates the gender, age and the BMI of the person in literally no time. This feature is made possible by JANUS facial analytics technology owned by Lapetus Solutions. Thus, an onboarding process follows and the applicant is issued a policy in a matter of minutes.

Without doubt, the collaboration of Gen Re with Lapetus Solutions is quite a beneficial one. It allows customers to have the luxury of buying their insurance in the luxury of their homes, simply by a couple of clicks on their smartphones. The process is also completed in no time (Thanks to the collaboration) and that is in fact, another advantage.

Using the NOW app, policyholders also have the luxury of taking control over several areas of their insurance which includes choosing the days they would like to be covered as in cases that have to do with Accidental Death Insurance.

This is an app that also allows the insurance company to have firsthand details and an in-depth knowledge of their client.

The company plans to allow the NOW app to form a stronghold in several countries of the world. To this effect, the NOW app is now being ran and tested in various languages including Japanese, English, Spanish, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Russian and Portugese.