Intabank Introduces Cloud Bandwidth Management System

Overnight, Intabank, whose focus is managing cloud connectivity via their customized global network, introduced a brand new trading platform of cloud bandwidth management.

Oliver de Nicolai, a senior analyst at independent research firm Longhaus, commented, “Intabank is more than a technology platform. It is a disruptive philosophical approach to bandwidth management that offers customers flexibility for their ever changing business requirements. Intabank will certainly flip the connectivity market on its head and impress both the CIO and CFO alike.”
The platform will allow users the ability to sell their unused and excess bandwidth to other clients on an on demand basis for projects that will require “burst capacity”. This game changing system allows companies to optimize bandwidth efficiency while being able to focus on cost effectiveness as this will run at a fraction of regular prices.
Many large corporations set aside relatively large budgets for cloud bandwidth. However, the large amounts of bandwidth they have purchased lay dormant the overwhelming majority of the time. According to Andrew Sjoquist, CEO of ASE IT, “These companies have a window they want to play in, and when they need bandwidth they really need it. But they don’t really need to have bandwidth for those large amounts of time. We’re trying to open up the world to give people as much ability as possible to access spare bandwidth – and to not have bandwidth become a constriction on their ability to move forward.”
The pricing for this has not yet been released by Intabank however customers will initially purchase bandwidth per Mb (megabit). Moreover, no lengthy contracts will exist between buyer and seller. The Intabank network also has plans to evolve into more of a live stock market bid/ask system later down the road. Sjoquist further expounds on this, saying, “Network admins will be able to take control and make requests for bandwidth as required throughout the day.”