Intel Accelerates Development of Quark Chips for IoT

Image Attribution: Flickr

Businesses who are interested in measuring the metrics of their operations can easily do using Intel’s new IoT platform.
Intel is seeking an early entry into the Internet of Things market with its latest addition being a new IoT ecosystem that capitalizes on its low power consuming Quark chips. Intel claims that developers can begin building apps for their IoT devices in just 10 minutes.
Inside these IoT devices will be microcontrollers and Quark chips. The sole purpose of these sensors is to gain a specific data metric and relay that data directly into the cloud. This technology can become extremely helpful in the world logistics or supply chain.
The operating systems that these new devices will use are produced by Wind River. They are called Rocket and Pulsar Linux. Each of these operating systems are built with simplicity and analytics in mind.
With Intel gaining early entry into the IoT market, it looks to beat out its competitors who are beginning to create offerings for IoT. For example, Microsoft’s IoT Core OS is built for IoT devices of the future, as well as other competing offers.
“There’s a need for a suite of connected products and services that are aware of each other and their surroundings,” says Intel CEO Brian Krzanich.
That need that Mr. Krzanich talks about fulfills the prophecies of research companies who claim IoT will be a multi-billion dollar business in the next few years. Intel says that the new Quark chips being used for its new IoT services are the Quark D1000 MCU and D2000 MCU. Intel
When organizations realize the benefits of IoT, the industry will likely begin receiving a tremendous amount of interest. IoT needs to have that one product lineup take off, can Intel’s new Quark chips for IoT be that product?