INTEL And Other Companies Provide Solutions to Enhance Threat Detection

The issue of cyber threats to organizations is one that keeps growing at an alarming rates as intruders continue to explore every possible loopholes, in software, hard ware or firm ware, available to penetrate the system. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) recorded an increase rate of security vulnerabilities in 2018 placed at about 13% compared to 2017. As such there is need for a constantly advancing security solutions which is on the same growing innovative pace with the increasing cyber-attacks.

Cybersecurity therefore is a growing industry niche in which all efforts are focused on inventing solutions to prevent such occurrence or to address the problems that arises with its occurrence. The Intel Threat Detection Technology is one of such system stack that provides security companies with possible solutions as regard the threats. These solutions are often times as toolsets which are software solutions with hardware level detectors.

The Advanced Intel Technological Solutions Set is known for its two major powerful features which are; Advanced Platform Telemetry and Accelerated Memory Scanning.

The Sequretek organization specifically works hand in hand with intel to deliver the services as regards the accelerated memory scanning feature. This accelerated mode of memory scanning aids a more enhanced mode of endpoint detection, protection and response (EDPR) solution, this is done without causing a reduction in the value offered to clients by these organizations. More advanced, there are more solutions services provided such as polymorphic malwares early detection and file-less threats.

On the other hand, Intel is working with the Eclypsium company in the aspect of its advanced platform telemetry feature. This platform focuses on ensuring a more reliable and standard data feed. It also engages the use of machine learning algorithms in detection of more advanced threats.

Perception point focuses on utilizing the new platform to recognize anomalies in code execution and also increase the level of visibility into the kind of attacks that threatens an organization.