Internet Security at Kent State Found Safe Both On and Off-Campus

Kent State students that are living in off-campus apartments are reporting that they feel as though the internet security in those buildings is on the same level as the University’s Wi-Fi. A lot of these apartments have internet bundled in their rent that make it more affordable for students who are not a part of an on-campus housing program.

Most students’ opinions vary on the user. A lot are using the wireless connections for streaming on a Smart TV or for gaming consoles, while others use it in their daily lives. One apartment complex that is offering secure internet to their residents is Crowne Pointe. Crown Pointe gets its internet through Pavlov Media and offers a locked wireless internet network for its residents to register all their devices on.

Trey Schleifstein, a current sophomore of Kent State, lives at Crowne Pointe and offered his opinion on the set-up. He stated that he has seen no real security threat coming from the off-campus housing and he uses the network for all of his devices. He felt that security depended on the usage of the network though and that some may be more vulnerable than others.

Another off-campus complex, Eagles Landing, offers the same sort of security when it comes to their wireless networks. The manager stated that they have had no security threats at the present time either, but their provider is Spectrum, who prides itself on security and dependability.

Living in an apartment complex that offers a wireless network connection is becoming more and more popular among other residents as well, not just college students. If you plan on moving into a community that offers the internet included in the rent, make sure to do some due diligence and inquire about the infrastructure of the network.

Keeping your online information safe should be a high priority, especially since everyone seems to use online bill pays, and other forms of virtual wallets. Make sure that you are securing your own network from the local network for added security measures.

If you decide to take the public or private route for internet connection, the first priority should always be the security of the network. Make sure to do research prior to choosing a provider.