Introducing Pool, MediaFire’s Personal Photo Sharing Assistant App

MediaFire has reinvented the photo sharing app with introduction of its new service, Pool.
The Pool app is a super helpful service that takes the guesswork out of organizing, sharing and storing your photos in the cloud.
In terms of data that is held by consumers, photos of events, family and friends tend to be some of the more precious data in that they possess in their lives.
With MediaFire, not only can you safely and securely store your photos in the cloud, you also get the free Pool app that is loaded with features and functionalities that gives consumers the ability to automate the lifecycles of their event photos while automatically storing them in the cloud.
Pool automatically groups event photos and intelligently suggests which friends you should share the photos with based on social events, locations and timelines.
“With Pool, we looked to create an intuitive, easy to use application that functions as your personal photo assistant,” says Todd Faulk, president and CEO of MediaFire.
“The goal is to intelligently remind you and all your friends, to share photos from the events you attended together,” Faulk added.

Core Features of Pool

Pool finds your location and compares it with your friends locations and uses that data determines who to share photos with.
What if you don’t want a specific photo being automatically shared with your friends? Because MediaFire is a pioneer in the cloud storage business, you can expect that your photos to stay private, should you set them that way in the Pool app.
Pool works on both iOS and Android, meaning 95% of mobile users will be able to use Pool.
Pool doesn’t shrink or alter the size of your photos. When you share pictures with friends, photos arrive in rich, high definition quality.

The Brains Behind Pool

Probably the best feature of Pool is the Saveto Camera Roll. This is what you would call the brain of the Pool app.
With Saveto, the app goes through your address book in your phone and finds known Pool members. It then uses the metadata in your photos to determine your location, and the location of other known Pool users that you are friends with.
Once the connection is established, Pool can automatically share your photos with that specific friend.
Pool is available for download worldwide today on the Google Play and Apple iTunes App stores.