IoT Expo & Eclipse’s IoT Summit Announce 2016 Conference Dates

Cloud computing has fueled the growth of the IoT industry.
With so much happening within the IoT world, conferences and expositions have emerged with industry players showing up in mass to debut their latest IoT innovations.

IoT Expo 2016

The IoT Expo 2016 has scheduled two dates for this year.
The IoT Expo 2016 will feature an East Coast conference in Manhattan taking place on June 7th-9th. The West Coast version of the IoT Expo 2016 will happen in Santa Clara, CA on November 1st-3rd.
One of the hottest topics of the conferences will be “Gamification of IoT.”
Gamification will be a popular term in the coming years, as it refers to making a process have game like qualities, thus rewarding the person for executing the task while encouraging them to perform more tasks in the future.
Gamification may be used to get the consumer public to rapidly adopt IoT solutions.

IoT Summit 2016

IoT Summit 2016 has also announced its conference dates for this year.
The Eclipse IoT community will meet for its annual IoT Summit in Reston, VA on March 8th and 9th.
The 2016 IoT Summit is expected to be co-located within the EclipseCon 2016 conference, happening at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Reston.
The EclipseCon website says, “The focus of the Summit is on the open source and open standards available to organizations building IoT solutions. Attendees will learn about new key initiatives from the Eclipse IoT community, Apache Spark, LoraWAN, and MEMS.”

Why You Should Attend Industry Conferences

Industry conferences such as the IoT conferences listed above can help expand technical professional’s network while providing a fun and enjoyable learning experience regarding the newest advances in emerging technology.
IoT and cloud go hand-in-hand; Enrich your knowledge of IoT by planning to attend one the IoT conferences we have discussed above.
Is there another IoT conference that deserves honorable mention? Tell us in the comments section below.