Janrain Announces Further Integration within Adobe Marketing Cloud

Janrain has created a popular marketing platform that helps organizations gain deep insights into the visitors of their website. Janrain provides a complete customer identity management suite, which helps organizations gain a profile of their visitors. The suite has advanced features such as single sign on capabilities within an ecosystem of websites, storage of profile data, a robust customer insights platform and more.
On the end user side, a visitor is asked to sign up for publisher’s website with a social media account such as Facebook, Google, Twitter or LinkedIn. Janrain’s site mentions that users who are able to login with their social media username are 50% more likely to complete the registration process for your website.
Once signed up, users are asked if they would like to give your website or app permission to collect data. Once permission is granted, the app begins collecting rich permission-based data to build a customer profile using analytics found on that user’s social media account.
When organizations have a complete profile of their ideal customer, the idea is that they can more effectively market to that same demographic using the tools provided by Janrain.
With Janrain’s latest integration into the Adobe Marketing Cloud, marketing professionals can perform sophisticated analytics on customer segments to get deeper insights on registered users inside the Adobe Audience Manager suite. Janrain also seamlessly integrates into Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Campaign and Adobe Analytics. All of these apps are included within the Adobe Marketing Cloud.
Larry Drebes, founder and CEO of Janrain, was quoted in a release as saying, “Marketers and advertisers alike directly benefit from an actionable, unified view of their audiences.” Drebes continues saying, “By further enhancing our integration points with Adobe Marketing Cloud, modern marketers have a suite of products that enables them to move faster and act smarter.”