Jasper and Salesforce Team Up for Enterprise IoT

Image Attribution: Flickr

Jasper has announced a partnership with Salesforce that will integrate Jasper’s Enterprise IoT offerings with Salesforce’s Customer Success Platform. The move is expected help spur growth and innovation within the emerging Enterprise IoT market.
Jasper and Salesforce believe that a diverse ecosystem of offerings can become available to enterprises once businesses and resellers begin adopting IoT products. The end result will be additional value added to enterprises in the form of analytics, business intelligence and new revenue streams.
Although IoT is growing, the technology is still rather new and many organizations have yet to adopt any sort of IoT solution for their enterprise. At the Mobile World Congress, execs from chipmaker ARM recently mentioned that they didn’t think the IoT market was moving quickly enough for their liking. With the announcement of Jasper and Salesforce, it looks like the Enterprise IoT market may be quickly picking up.
Those who begin using the integrated SalesForce/Jasper IoT platform will be able to bring IoT products and services to market faster. Organizations will be empowered to automate business processes based on IoT data gathered from devices. Since Big Data will play a huge role in these services, organizations will be able to leverage real-time insights that will enable smarter business decisions.
“The combination of Jasper’s and Salesforce’s two powerful cloud-based solutions will merge real-time data from both platforms and provide enterprises with a singular view of their IoT services – and the impact those services have on their customers – worldwide,” says Jahangir Mohammed, CEO of Jasper.
Salesforce SVP Andy Baer commented on the new partnership saying, “Jasper is the global standard when it comes to IoT platforms, and this alliance; This also provides Salesforce customers the ability to quickly and cost-effectively scale their IoT services worldwide through Jasper’s global mobile operator partners