JEOL Ltd. Releases New Gen Benchtop Scanning Electron Microscope

Gon-emo Kurihara, the president of JEOL Ltd. just revealed the release of their new benchtop scanning electron microscope (SEM) to the members of the public. The new product, the JCM-700 series NeoScope™ is to be released this month.

This means a significantly more applicable product in diverse fields such as chemical, electrical, automobiles, electronics, pharmaceutical and machinery industries. SEM applications are also undergoing this expansion to cover areas like development, research, production inspection and quality control at the sites where manufacturing take place.

With these goals in view, without a doubt, there is a demand for easier operations, faster operations, greater efficiency, and a general higher expectation for analytical capabilities and measurement capabilities.

As the company has recorded massive success in terms of the award-winning and highly successful InTouchScope™ series SEMs, the new benchtop SEM, JCM-7000 was developed in a bid to meet the ever-increasing demands of users interested in the industry.

The JCM-7000 series is literally a chance at taking innovation a step further, by the company.

The amazing features of the JCM-7000 series include:

  • Small footprint
  • Simple GUI for high operability
  • Real-time elemental analysis during image observation with “Live Analysis” function
  • Seamless transition from optical microscope imaging to SEM imaging with “Zeromag” function
  • Two-axis (X,Y) motorized stage for smooth operation

The JCM-7000 also comes with the added advantage of a “Live 3D” function that concurrently exhibits a live SEM image and a reconstructed live 3D surface image. This new ability also allows for taking note of depth and topographic information from the specimen being studied, together with SEM image details from the surface of the specimen.

With these amazing features, one can say for sure that the new benchtop SEM, JCM-7000 is one product that is set to shake the market.