JumpCloud Adds Google Authentication into Directory as a Service

JumpCloud is known for being the first cloud based Directory as a Service vendor. In a recent announcement, JumpCloud has noted that they have added support for Google authentication into their cloud offering.
The move to add Google authentication within Directory as a Service allows JumpCloud to natively add support for over 5 million organizations that currently utilize Google apps. JumpCloud, which serves as an alternative for Active Directory, allows organizations to administrate usage and access levels using the cloud.
With JumpCloud’s integration alongside Google apps, organizations can now utilize single sign on for each of their network resources. This includes servers, desktops and even WiFi logon credentials. JumpCloud says that organizations can achieve this single sign-on method using a simple import. By utilizing this configuration, end users have one less password to worry about while JumpCloud’s Directory as a Service helps secure access to your organization’s resources.
“Google Apps is powering a new generation of companies leveraging the cloud,” says JumpCloud CEO Rajat Bhargava. “Through cloud-based solutions, organizations are finding it easier than ever to collaborate while minimizing IT expense and management. But, they also realize that as they scale, managing user access and control over IT resources becomes increasingly complex. JumpCloud offers a cost-effective, turnkey solution to securely manage that complexity while also keeping companies in the cloud,” says Bhargava.
Since JumpCloud uses cloud for authentication, there is no need for your organization to build out a domain controller. For developers, JumpCloud can be configured to use LDAP, RADIUS, REST and SSH. Since JumpCloud provides employees with a self-service interface, employees are empowered to provide information about themselves, taking the burden off of IT when an employee is first on-boarded. JumpCloud also says its Directory as a Service offering automatically syncs up all users Google accounts, making it simple and easy to deploy within any environment.
JumpCloud is currently offering a free trial that will allow authentication of up to 10 users within your organization. Learn more about JumpCloud’s free trial by visiting JumpCloud.com.