Keeping Track of Work Time is Now Easier, Thanks To simPRO Timesheet App

Basic issues in the field service business are usually tied to the inability to track the actual amount of time workers have spent doing their tasks. However, with the invention of simPRO’s new Timesheet app, engineers in both project and service environments can easily track time as well as allocate the hours for work will be done, using their mobile devices.

The Chief Technology Officer of simPRO, Jonathan Eastgate reported that although mobile connectivity in the field is no normal part for businesses, simPRO’s timesheet app is the first attempt at creating a timesheet for staff working on a large project.

The timesheet app simply has the ability to schedule time for each worker to complete their daily tasks and this ability helps an organization track the time for which workers are spending on each project; giving room for accountability and effective management of scarce resources. No matter where the users are, they can easily review and record the time they have spent on their tasks; either retroactively or in real-time. A major advantage with respect to this is the fact that the app can be used offline as well.

For engineers who are working on big projects, this is a great advantage, as supervision becomes easier. The app reduces the administrative workload on sites.

This is a great start for simPRO, especially for the year 2019, as this is their first software release for the year. Since it is part of the simPRO mobile, the use of the timesheet app comes at no extra costs. As long as an individual is a simPRO customer, access to the app is very easy.

With this latest invention, struggles such as overwhelming paperwork for big projects, field service management and inability to maximize the ability of a workforce have been eliminated.