Kepware Introduces New IoT Solutions Aimed at Industry

Image Attribution: Flickr

IoT technology is the next big thing in cloud computing. On the surface, IoT allows organizations to pull data from cloud connected sensors. When you start looking at how this technology should be applied, it becomes clear that businesses of industry stand to gain the most from IoT’s implementation.
As a result, Kepware, a company based in Portland, Maine, has released its IoT gateway which is designed for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Using Kepware’s KEPServerEX version 5.19, organizations can utilize the on-demand data that they have collected from their IoT censors and get real time analytics on their factories.
“This new technology will help organizations extract business insights and even create new service-based revenue streams from previously untapped machine data,” says Tony Paine, the CEO of Kepware.
“The IoT Gateway allows us to extract even greater value from the data that KEPServerEX is already collecting. Furthermore, we believe this technology has the potential to help bridge the long-standing gap between Operations Technology and Information Technology,” added Paine.
Kepware uses over 150 protocols to connect with IoT sensors. Since Kepware’s platform is designed to be robust, it can work with most Industrial IoT devices and push that information into a Big Data analytics suite, which gives organizations an upper hand when crunching numbers and looking for methods to increase efficiency in their processes.
Kepware has implemented open source communications in its Industrial IoT suite. This allows businesses of industry to bring their IoT vendors without having to worry about backwards compatibility. Kepware calls KEPServerEX a plugin architecture, allowing businesses of all sizes to participate on gaining live analytics on their business.
Kepware has also announced that KEPServerEx 5.19 now has Windows 10 compatibility, which can helpful for some organizations that have already made the switch.