Keysight Technologies Releases New Solution For Wideband mmWave Measurements

Keysight Technologies is a globally known leading organization that specializes in technology delivery, they provide their clients, which includes service providers, enterprise and also government offices, with increased innovations which serves as a means of ensuring connection and security in the world. Their services also include full optimization of networks, faster availability of electronic products to the market, more effectiveness in operations with less amount of cost offerings.

With customers that span through a vast range of industries such as aerospace and defense, automotive, communication ecosystem, and the electronic markets at large, the solutions offered by the organization is fully effective and administrable in the network and clouds environments.

The newly announced solution to be released by this company is a single-box, multi-channel solution that is known as the first of its kind. Its release is aimed as a tool for boosting the rate of development for the next generation mmWave communication, satellite and also radar applications.

According to Brad Doerr. The Vice President and General Manager of Digital and Photonics R&D for Keysight’s Communications Solutions Group, “Keysight recognized the growing need for a cost- effective oscilloscope that supported today’s emerging mmWave technology wide bandwidth measurement requirements. Keysight’s UXR is the first oscilloscope on the market to address mmWave technologies and advanced applications such multiple input multiple output (MIMO) with up to four channels for the price of a 25 GHz scope.”

The new solution, the Keysight’s mmWave Wideband Analyzer and UXR-Series oscilloscopes, has functionality features such as;

  • An exclusive bandwidth pricing model that pairs with a typical RF equipment and helps to eradicate the need of a full frequency range oscilloscope hardware.
  • Presence of a digital down conversation (DDC) analysis bandwidth of more than 2 GHz.
  • A superior signal integrity with error vector magnitude below 0.6 percent. 
  • A hardware accelerated DDC.
  • A configuring ability for optional 5GHz or 10GHz analysis bandwidth windows both in and beyond the UXR’s natively licensed bandwidth.