LabCorp Partners With Covance To Connect Sponsors with Patients Virtually

LabCorp is a known leading global life sciences company that is deeply integrated in guiding patient care. The company recently announced its latest solution for decentralized clinical trials from Covance to help transform the conduct of hybrid and virtual trials.

“Covance has long since established itself as a leader in the virtual clinical trial space, with years of experience in decentralized trials,” said Bill Hanlon, Ph.D., president, Enterprise Solutions, Covance. “Our latest solution includes customized recruitment strategies, a global ecosystem of decentralized and patient-centric site visit alternatives, and novel ways to visualize trial data. We believe this solution will disrupt current approaches to expand patient access to studies, provide an improved patient experience, and accelerate timelines for clinical development.”

The Covance decentralized trials offering is powered by a suite of integrated, modular, and highly configurable technology solutions that can be customized to deliver any conforming study protocol. The technology platform supports end-to-end delivery of hybrid and virtual clinical trials by enabling data interoperability and seamless data collection. The platform also can integrate connected devices, wearables and other mobile health, also known as mHealth, technologies to capture primary and secondary endpoint data across multiple indications and connect patients, investigators and decentralized sites.

“We have re-imagined decentralized trials with our broad and unique collection of assets, including real-world data, access to a large patient population, a U.S.-based Patient Service Center network, and global logistics and supply chain expertise,” said Bola Oyegunwa, Ph.D., head of Virtual and Hybrid Trials, Covance. “The unique combination of Covance capabilities and data streams, augmented by proprietary LabCorp infrastructure and data assets, plus our widening network of relationships that optimize clinical trials, delivers a more convenient patient experience, overcoming traditional recruitment barriers. This unique combination gives us the ability to partner with clients in a way that works for them to bring their products to market faster, ranging from full-service clinical engagements to functional service provider relationships.”