Larry Ellison Comments on State of Cloud While Oracle Rolls Out New Channel Solutions

Image Attribution: Flickr

It’s been a busy weekend in the world of Oracle. Founder and Executive Chairman of Oracle Larry Ellison kicked off the Oracle OpenWorld conference with candid comments about the state of the cloud industry as well as a few jabs to Oracle’s competitors.
“We are in the middle — and I really do mean in the middle — of a general shift in computing that is no less important than shift onto personal computing,” says Ellison. “It seems like early days.”
Ellison’s prophecy is right on the money, considering the sales figures of personal computing devices have tanked in the past few years. The shift to mobile devices, work from anywhere and cloud has largely created a new ecosystem in which Oracle wishes to tackle.
At OpenWorld, Ellison went on to say, “We no longer pay any attention” when referencing IBM and SAP. Ellison adds, “It is quite a shock.”
Oracle believes that it is in a unique position to lead a cloud revolution in the Software as a Service (SaaS) sector. Ellison goes on to note that Oracle’s biggest competitors continue to be Microsoft, Amazon and Workday. Since Oracle owns the Taleo and SelectMinds HR Software as a Service packages, it would make sense that Workday is a prime competitor for Oracle.
Another big announcement from Oracle’s OpenWorld is Oracle’s new solutions for channel partners.
In a press release, Oracle writes, “New cloud program designations unveiled today within Oracle Partner Network (OPN) will be launched February 1, 2016, offering OPN members the opportunity to showcase expertise, skills and their investment in the Oracle Cloud as well as differentiate themselves with Oracle’s Integrated Cloud Applications and Platform Services.”
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