LatentBridge Launches Albai Automation Platform With Managed Service or Pay-as-You-Go (PAYG) Options

LatentBridge, the groundbreaking intelligent automation firm, launches Albai, its new cloud-based platform, offering clients both a managed service and a pay-as-you-go option– thereby making automation far more attainable.

Albai, incorporates the powerful functionality and security of best-of-breed technologies and sets a new standard with its managed service and PAYG options. As Albai is a platform rather than a product, it can easily accommodate clients’ technology preferences, now and in the future. And because it’s already up and running, with no up-front hassle, investment or time requirements, our clients can achieve full, successful automation in a fraction of the time and cost taken by other approaches.

By integrating best-of breed RPA, analytics, AI and proprietary tools, Albai ensures that for the first time, firms can quickly build sustainable intelligent automation solutions at an affordable price, without heavy IT or time investments.

In addition to its uniquely flexible commercial model, LatentBridge’s Albai provides its clients with:

  • A fully-managed service that runs clients’ robots as required, without in-house skills ramp-up
  • Built-in disaster recovery,ensuring clients’ businesses continue to operate in the event of service failures
  • An extensible platform that easily accommodates any tools and technologies clients may require
  • Full support forclients’ existing information security policies & procedures

This means clients’ business processes can be automated in an agile, scalable and accelerated manner. Consequently, they can deliver their mission-critical KPIs – Customer Experience, speed, productivity and adaptability – more quickly, and with ease and confidence.

Carl Booth, CTO at LatentBridge, said, “Automation is key to the success of a firm, perhaps even its survival. With LatentBridge’s Albai, clients get an easily accessible platform that cuts through historic challenges and compromises to deliver their automation goals. Albai offers a compelling automation with AI and analytics already built in.”

As automation experts with a rich track record of success, LatentBridge provides tailored, vendor-independent automation solutions that meets client-specific needs; helps select and implement the best automation tools for each client; and where appropriate, provides an easily-accessible managed service.