Lathem Uses RFID and Cloud to Streamline Time Keeping Systems

Have you thought about the ways in which your business can streamline the methods in which it allows its hourly employees to clock in and out?
Some businesses use the traditional punch sheet. You grab your card, you insert it into a device that stamps the time punch on it.
Other companies may use a time clock app hosted on the company intranet homepage. With this approach, end users must first sit at their desk, click their desktop shortcut and click the “Clock In” button.
If you’ve had to deal with either of these two approaches, you know that there can be issues. With the traditional time punch clock, problems can occur when you have employees lining up one by one to punch in.
In some organizations, lines can form and your company could suffer a loss of productivity since your employees are standing around and not working in the mornings.
If you go the virtual route, what happens if your time clock app fails or becomes unavailable due to workers trying to access it at the same time?
Lathem Combines Key Access Cards with your Time Clock
If you’ve had to clock into your job using the methods described above, you’ve probably thought: Why doesn’t someone combine the time clock with my Fob or Key Access Card?
You’re in luck: Lathem has just announced that this is what they’ve accomplished with their PC600 Automated Time Clock.
When businesses sign up for Lathem’s PayClock Online, your automated time clock can be tied to the platform, which can simplify payroll. Since Lathems uses RFID proximity technology, end users simply walk past the Automated Time Clock and they are clocked in and out. The logs are recorded in the cloud and can be edited by a manager if needed.
Lathem says that businesses have reported that managers spend 50% less time correcting time cards using RFID.
Best of all, businesses can use the cloud to manage both their employee’s presence within the building and payroll, all from one cloud based portal.