Lattice sensAI Gives 10X Performance Boost for Low Power, Smart IoT Devices at the Edge

Lattice Semiconductor Corporation revealed the main design and performance flow enhancements for its award-winning Lattice sensAI™ solutions stack. Lattice Semiconductor Corporation is the low power programmable leader, and the Lattice sensAI stack gives a comprehensive software and hardware software solution for effecting low power (1mW-1W), perpetually-on artificial intelligence (AI) functionality in smart devices operating at the Edge.

IHS has given a forecast that up to 40 billion devices will be functioning at the network Edge by 2025. For several reasons including network bandwidth limitations, latency, and data privacy, OEMs designing always-on Edge devices have the aim of minimizing the sending of data to the Cloud for analytics. Lattice sensAI allows such OEMs to easily level up their existing designs with low power AI inferencing optimized for their application requirements. Bringing in such local intelligence also reduces expenses in relation to Cloud-based analytics by merely sending relevant data for further processing.

Seton P. Kasmir, CEO, Pixcellence, Inc. talked about their expertise at Pixcellence. He mentioned that their expertise is in developing image processing and computer vision solutions with industry-first features like color night vision. He talked about how the interest in the IoT is fueling the demand for smart cameras which can support AI applications such as presence detection or facial recognition.  However, he still mentioned that smart cameras have strict power consumption as well as cost requirements that allow it to challenge to use off-the-shelf ASSPs. He mentioned that the Lattice sensAI solutions stack allows them to easily add low power, flexible AI inference support to our existing and new camera designs, and get our value-added products to market faster.

Deepak Boppana, Senior Director of Segment and Solutions Marketing, Lattice Semiconductor mentioned that their sensAI stack was created to sort out the growing need for Edge devices with AI support. He also talked about how they are encouraged by the market’s response to their solution. He expressed his delight on the several industry awards sensAI has received and how the broader partner ecosystem is exciting to see. Their smart door balls and security cameras are also indeed a plus.

There are several improvements to this Lattice sensAI solution stack, including:

10x performance boost as compared to the previous version  

Easy user experience which accelerates the design cycle

These are only few of the several enhancements