Lenovo Looks to Enter the Smart Device Market

Image Attribution: Flickr

In the United States, when you think of Lenovo, you typically think of desktop PCs and laptops. That may all change if Lenovo is able to capitalize on the tremendous growing popularity of the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud.
In China, Lenovo is one of the biggest all around electronics producers. Lenovo’s mobile lineup has proven to be a hit consumers from Asia; Lenovo mentions that it is looking to expand its mobile technology and IoT business outside of China.
“Lenovo is not only a traditional IT company, but also reserves an innovative spirit as a pioneer in the Mobile Internet era,” said Yang Yuanqing, CEO of Lenovo Group.
In his interview with China Today, the Lenovo CEO talked at great length about where he sees his company going.
One of those markets is IoT. Lenovo is looking to become to de facto provider of IoT technology in the Asia-Pacific region (APAC).
With IoT products, businesses can measure data and use the cloud to execute decisions based on that data.
IoT is proving to have several consumer applications as well. With people becoming more aware of the IoT innovations that have been hitting the market over the past 12 months, Lenovo may be hitting the market at the right time.
“We are eager to enable more hardware devices to be activated in our IoT platform and by creating new application settings and environments, such as smart living room management devices, more potential markets will be stimulated in the industry,” added the Lenovo CEO, Yang Yuanqing.
Lenovo believes that its smart products will need to gain some brand awareness in order to become popular in China and surrounding countries.
Lenovo looks to expand their IoT smart sensors lineup for consumers and could begin launching products sometime in 2016.