Leviathan Security Publishes 3 Reports on Cloud Data Security

Image Attribution: Flickr

Those looking to dive into cloud may have questions about cloud security. Leviathan security has just released 3 reports that go into great detail about the truths and myths surrounding data being hosted in the cloud. The reports were commissioned by Google and the papers seem to cover the following topics: Availability, scarcity and vulnerability.
One of the main findings from the report is that certain special interest groups are trying to create what is being dubbed “Forced localization.” While it has been shown that cloud data backups can happen autonomously over multiple continents to ensure the availability of your data in the event of a disaster, factions within some countries may require companies operating within their borders to keep their data inside the country. CEO of Leviathan Frank Heidt mentions the efforts of forced localization are “Misguided.” Heidt also said that forced localization would introduce “major changes to the structure of the Internet — changes that would harm both businesses and the general public.”
Within the availability report, Leviathan claims  goes on to cloud service latency may not be much different than the latency you experience with your local data center. The report mentioned that it didn’t matter if you had used a data center “Across the country.” Leviathan security writes, “From each Leviathan location, each of the major cloud platforms was just a few hops away, whether the facility was in the same area or not; this is likely due to the major cloud platforms’ systems having nearly-direct connections to major peering points, where many networks come together.”
Each of the three white papers can be found at Leviathan’s Security’s website.  CEO Frank Heidt was quoted in a press release regarding the new white papers saying, “Our research team spent months exploring the value proposition of storing data in the cloud from a security perspective, and we found that companies trying to build local storage solutions face significant challenges, especially in hiring qualified security staff and in defending their data in the face of large-scale events such as tsunamis, hurricanes, and earthquakes.” The press release goes on to mention that Leviathan is a trusted security solution used by Fortune 100 companies.