Libre Wireless Technologies Partners with Gigaset to Advance Features of New Amazon Alexa Products

Libre Wireless just unleashed something new. The wireless voice/AI solution provider revealed the product of their partnership with the biggest ever Telco producer (which doubles as one of the top five in the world), Gigaset. Their partnership yielded new voice enabled communications and the company just announced its launch.

These new audio products are industry leading smart communications products. They feature Alexa Voice Assistant Built-In, a program which is easily integrated with advanced voice calling features. This is available on traditional PSTN and DECT phone systems.

“The Libre Communicator” technologies supply a combination of advanced Amazon messaging and voice features in possession of PSTN and DECT bridging, routing, call management, and coexistence. This brings together the best of new Voice/AI technologies and the existing telecommunication infrastructure in various homes as well as in corporate premises. This amazing product is revolutionary and it in fact reinvents the landline phone, in the most beautiful way.

Gigaset is a well-established telecom, as well as a brand leader in Europe and Germany. It is known all over the world for its advanced telephone for the private users and businesses, smart home products and smartphones.

By this partnership, Libre and Gigaset have come together to introduce world-changing new products that take advantage of “The Libre Communicator” (“TLC”) technology features to bridge multiple ecosystems, voice assistant features and wireless protocols. This puts consumers in the place of enjoying the most advanced yet unique voice services, messaging services, communications and experiences in the market.

The Gigaset products have leveraged on the Libre Communicators’ scalable and second-to-none voice/AI technology; deployed on Libre’s network price/performance points and media modules to service their broad product line plans. These plans begin with the launch of the Gigaset smart speaker L800HX in April 2019.

Also, in addition to being the newest and most advanced Amazon Alexa-based music and voice features, this will be the very first device that combines smart speaker features and landline telephony featuring DECT technology from DSP Group, Inc.