Lifesize Cloud Amplify Delivers YouTube Style Playback for Video Conferences

Image Attribution: Flickr

Have you ever been in a video conference and wish that you could play back a particular moment? If you’ve implemented the new Lifesize Cloud Amplify product, you can!
With Lifesize Cloud Amplify, organizations can build their own internal YouTube style channel that will allow employees to playback past video conferences. End users can enable Lifesize Cloud Amplify with a single click inside the software.
Once Cloud Amplify is enabled, users can watch video conferences live, while preserving the subject matter using the cloud to store and retrieve the video for later use. The Cloud Amplify feature is perfect for recording important meetings that certain employees may not be able to attend. With Cloud Amplify, absent parties from an important meeting can be go back and re-watch the live video conference in order to get briefed on the information that they need to do their jobs.
“As video conferencing becomes more popular, we’ve seen a significant increase in demand for recording functionality. Today we’re responding, with more than just easy-to-use recording – we’re going leaps beyond that with a completely new approach,” says Craig Malloy, CEO of Lifesize.
“We’ve thought strategically about how customers want to use their recordings and, based on that insight, Lifesize Cloud Amplify incorporates a personal video library that provides the industry’s easiest and most dynamic resource for sharing as well,” adds Malloy.
Lifesize is announcing global availability of the Cloud Amplify product today. Free trials can be obtained through Lifesize and the cost of the product starts out at just $4,000 per year. With this plan, an organization can record up to 15 hours of content and have that information on-demand whenever a co-worker needs to access an archived video conference.
CloudWedge has written significantly about Lifesize in the past. For example, we recently wrote about Lifesize’s new Icon video conferencing hardware lineup that was released earlier this year.
For more information about Lifesize Cloud Amplify, visit the Lifesize website by clicking here.