Loggly Emerging as Top Cloud Log Management Service

Image Attribution: Flickr

Finding the root cause of a problem can be difficult. Troubleshooting an issue typically requires you to dive head first into application’s log file searching out the diagnostic information that can help point you in the right direction. Loggly is a cloud log management service that simplifies the methods in which DevOps reviews log files.
The Loggly’s splash page gives developers a preview of how Loggly works. Rather than using system resources to sift and sort through jumbled application logs, Loggly simplifies the process by doing the sorting and sifting for you. Loggly uses the cloud to parse the logs in your application and present them to you in a nice and neat format. This gives developers an edge when the need to dissect their code to discover a root cause.
SkyHigh Networks recently mentioned Loggly as one of the most rapidly growing cloud services online. In Q4 2014, Loggly was noted as being the 2nd fastest growing cloud service out of 10,000 services polled. SkyHigh mentions that Loggly’s utilization grew by 119% within the 4th quarter of 2014. Loggly also has over 21,000 active user accounts. Loggly mentions that it has logged over 750 billion log events and that it parsed 250TB of a data since its inception.
A press release indicates that Loggly has received over $33M in venture funding since 2009. In the release, Brandon Cook of SkyHigh Networks was quoted as saying, “Skyhigh’s usage analysis across our 15 million enterprise users reveals that Loggly is one of the fastest growing cloud companies today.”
“We’re very excited to be recognized by Skyhigh as one of the fastest-growing cloud services; it’s validation for the hard work our team puts in and the tremendous value our customers derive from the solution. Our focus continues to be making log management simpler and log data more actionable,” says Charlie Oppenheimer, CEO at Loggly.