London Startup Announces $9 Million For Smart and Wearable Technology

A London-based startup named NURVV has raised $9 million Series A from Hiro Capital for its wearable technology. The funding that has acquired will help bring their first product, NURVV Run, to the public and finance further research and development into their chosen area of technology.

NURVV recently introduced the masses to its debut product at the CES 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The NURVV Run technology is a combination of app and smart insole for the shoe. It coaches runners in real-time about how they can improve their form and prevent injuries why they are running.

Jason Roberts, the founder and CEO of NURVV, and his wife Ulrica set out in 2015 to improve how data is gathered and delivered regarding athlete performance. Robert’s wife is also the co-founder of the company and was perplexed by the idea that we monitor running from the wrist when all the action is happening with the feet.

With that idea in mind, the couple went to work trying to make their idea a reality. They have tested it on hundreds of athletes, universities, and institutions like the National Physical Laboratory and SATRA Technology. The system uses a total of 32 highly precise sensors that capture the data from the feet at 1,000 times per second on each sensor.

Runners can currently collect data about each run they do, but it is inaccurate according to Roberts. He stated that the data doesn’t include any insight on how to improve their running, especially with inaccurate data.

The company is hoping that it will eventually bring its patented sensor and its technology and reach a goal of 10 million athletes by the year 2025. They hope to have this technology incorporated into sports, sporting events, games, and the entire wellness industry.

Thanks to their initial $9 million Series A from Hiro, the startup may be well on its way to realizing this dream.