LoRa by Semtech Recognized at Mobile World Congress

KotahiNet, Axino and Vinduino Solutions are three startups from the overall 20 finalists with their solutions developed based on LoRa technology by Semtech Corporation, a leader in the provision of high performance analog and mixed signal semiconductors and advanced algorithms. Semtech Corporation recently announced that these startups would be honored at the 10th Innovation World Cup at the Mobile World Congress, 2019.

These startups stood out of the over 500 applications/submissions from all over the world including agriculture, lifestyle, transport and home industries amongst others. The 20 finalists selected were organizations providing IoT solutions which ranges from as seemingly little as new approaches for tracking quality food, to complex stuff like innovative means to make cities and industries smarter.

The fact that three of these 20 companies have their solutions based on LoRa technology and have been recognized on a global scale signifies a larger opportunity and recognition for LoRa technology around the globe. Success and growth is also guaranteed for LoRa, thanks to this recognition.

KotahiNet is a major creator of IoT applications with its base in New Zealand. The company developed a system of LoRa-based sensors to screen rivers for pollution. The technology has greatly benefitted communities by informing them on if areas are safe for drinking or swimming. The sensors also keep check on the water levels for indicators of pollution, to predict if a river or an area is likely to be polluted in the days to come.

Axino Solution is a well-known supplier of smart refrigeration. The company provides LoRa-based solutions which combine AI algorithm with sensor technology to predict the core temperature of various refrigerated food items in store in a bid to comply with regulations given by the food safety department.  The technology is majorly focused on reducing incidences of food wastage.

Vinduino is a smart agricultural technology company. It is aimed at helping growers meet their needs by providing an online platform for optimized irrigation based on soil moisture and data of the local weather. They also replace manual operation with LoRa-based valve controllers to allow for more effective irrigation.