LTN Global Releases Plans to Acquire Make.TV

“The integration of Make.TV’s cloud- based services into our managed IP production and transmission workflows gives customers even greater control and agility in executing live video creation, distribution and monetization. With a highly scalable cloud- based live video platform, our customers can quickly and easily gain visibility into an unlimited number of real- time sources and turn this content into a revenue- generating asset backed by the assurance of a fully managed service.” Said Malik Khan, the co-founder and executive Chairman at LTN Global.

LTN Global is a known global leading provider of solutions in broadcast- quality IP Video transport. It provides its clients with an end- to- end workflow platform that is automated, unified and fully optimized, this platform has its basic foundation on high quality technologies and it enables the creation of highly qualifies contents creation, monetization and also distribution of these contents.

This New acquisition of Make.TV will help LTN Global to expand their service provision to include other cloud- based live video acquisition, curation, and delivery. There will be an addition to the transformation workflows such as transcoding, signaling and also monetization, this will enable enhancement of both the old and new digital platforms.

According to the statement released by Andreas Jacobi, the CEO and co-founder of Make.TV, “Being a part of LTN Global will significantly enhance the services we can provide to customers, who now can acquire, deliver, and curate content via the most advanced transport solution available. In uniting these technologies, we can bring customers the benefit of considerable efficiencies and value added workflows, allowing them to rapidly create and deliver more contents to more viewers.”

Make.TV is a known provider of advanced cloud- based services that enables their entertainment based clients access to manage workflows in the industry by granting them access and also enable other services such as curating and publishing live video streams on their platforms.