M Science launches new Weather Data and Visualization Solution

The pioneer company in data-driven research and analytics, M Science, launched a weather-based data and visualization solution that offers granular visibility into weather trends tied to companies and their geographic footprints. Weather data (that has been cited in M Analysis research reports) would now be made available to clients on-demand. This data would be heavily updated via M Data Viz on a daily basis. This would soon be available for clients through API. With a data bank containing seven years’ worth of weather information, decision makers and investors understand be able to understand regional exposure to weather conditions, while relating to prior years and historical averages.

Some important features of the weather solution include: weekend vs weekday trends, comparison to prior years and historical averages and precipitation and temperature analysis. There would be daily updates o this data and it can be viewed at different levels (national, state, regional and county levels).

Here is a statement from Michael Morales, CEO of M Science:

“We developed the weather solution in response to overwhelming client demand, leveraging M Science’s proprietary weather modelling techniques and deep understanding of the consumer space. The M Data Viz full visualization solution puts the power in our client’s hands, with the ability to access our weather data on-demand.” He further retreated that, “Our team continues to deliver on providing our clients an end to end solution across the entire alternative data ecosystem.”

The weather solution would be launched with 6 retail sub sectors which include, hardline retail, auto and motorsports, distressed credit, home furnishings and specialty retail. There are plans in place to roll out additional verticals to he platform as time goes on.

Some additional features for advanced analysis include store concentration maps, which allows clients to focus their weather analysis on areas that have the most impact on them.

John Tomlinson, M Science’s Head of Consumer Research believes that weather can have an impact on short term traffic and spending trends across many industries. He is of the opinion that, “This solution gives clients near real time access to a set of advanced features not previously available”