Mecho® Reveals SolarTrac 4.0® Automated Shade System

When one thinks of a company globally recognized in the production of commercial window coverings, Mecho comes to mind.

Being an authoritative voice in its field, Mecho introduces SolarTrac 4.0, an automated window shading control system which is of superior technology. This control system was actually designed to maximize the occupant and building performance by proper daylight management.

The underlying mechanism through which the new product works is a merging of the real-time weather conditions together with predictive algorithms to supply a scalable solution with a certain performance for control that runs from the level of a single floor control, to individual commercial buildings and up to the point of an entire campus. The technologies involved basically allow SolarTrac 4.0 to either increase or reduce window shades to strengthen the potential for natural daylight entering a building, enhance the performance and comfort of occupants, increase the energy efficiency, enhance the management of building energy and take care of aesthetics. All these advantages will be enjoyed while preserving valuable views for the outside.

SolarTrac 4.0 takes advantage of the sun’s precise position; basing its facts  on date, time, glass façade orientation, building GPS location as well as shadows and reflections as a result of the surrounding buildings—lowering or raising window shades to capture the possible best amount of daylight.

SolarTrac 4.0 is entirely software-based. This allows it to be managed by several users; either remotely or on-site. It is also the very first in the market to include self-diagnostics.

Over the years, Mecho® has spread as a trusted company for partnerships with designers, architects and engineers, with the sole aim of bringing the visions embedded in their designs to life. Mecho is also constantly at the top in terms of changing the narrative of window shades. The company works well to solve technical problems in design.

Mecho gladly accepts projects that require sloping, wide, high, non-rectangular, and difficult-to-access as well as every other non-standard window in the book.