Media Temple Helps Businesses Manage Their AWS Cloud

Image Attribution: Flickr

Media Temple has announced that they will be offering managed cloud administration services for customers ready to migrate their websites and apps into the Amazon cloud. The Los Angeles based Media Temple helps businesses rapidly migrate their websites into the scalable public cloud, allowing organizations to focus on sales rather than IT related tasks.
Media Temple is primarily marketing its new AWS managed services package to businesses that are wanting to use cloud for the first time. The managed service package could also prove to be helpful for those who are already using AWS but would rather offload the administration task to a team of seasoned professionals.
Media Temple, which is a subsidiary of GoDaddy, didn’t jump into the managed services field blind. In fact, Media Temple worked with some of its existing customers in order to beta test the potential rollout of the new managed services division. Rather than reselling a cloud solution, Media Temple decided to support AWS deployments for its customers. Brendan Fortune from Media Temple says that it designed its AWS managed solution because it would “Deliver the most value to customers.”
Within a managed services plan for AWS, Media Temple says that businesses can gain services such as:

  • 24/7 on call support from technicians that possess certifications
  • Systems Monitoring and Analysis
  • Security Updates & Hotfixes
  • Malware Detection and Removal
  • Automated Backups
  • Performance Enhancements
  • Website Migrations
  • Security Testing

Media Temple says that its managed services plan starts out at $199 per month. Media Temple offers the following four tiers of service:

  • Essential Plan Starts at $199 Per Month
  • Advanced Plan Starts at $399 Per Month
  • Premium Plan Starts at $799 Per Month
  • Executive Plan Starts at $1,599 Per Month

Business will still have to pay their AWS bill separate as these charges are not rolled into the administration fee. Decision makers can pick and choose which plan makes the most sense for their organization.
More information about Media Temple’s AWS Managed Services can be foundon the MediaTemple website.