MetaMetrics Drives Summer Learning Initiatives

MetaMetrics, a leading education technology firm, is fighting the ‘summer decline,’ when students can fall behind a full month of learning.

Students that fall significantly behind during the summer have lower graduation rates when compared to their peers who take part in summer learning programs.

Students typically fall farther behind in math than in other subjects, which is why MetaMetrics is focusing on significant math initiatives this summer.

MetaMetrics launched an innovative partnership with over 30 states’ departments of education to develop robust summer learning plans.

MetaMetrics is assisting with a national summer learning initiative called the “Chief’s Summer Learning Challenge.” This exciting program allowed each state that is involved to create their own individual learning initiatives with the goal of preventing declines in achievement that are so commonly seen during the summer.

With the help of MetaMetrics, these state-driven programs are focusing on both math and reading to sharpen skills and help students succeed. The co-founder of MetaMetrics, Malbert Smith, is also a member of the National Summer Learning Association board.

“Research shows that students who fall behind during the summer are less likely to graduate from high school and the impact is even greater on students from high poverty areas. By fifth grade, summer learning loss can leave low-income students two-and-a-half to three years behind their peers,” said Smith. “At MetaMetrics, we are committed to providing states, parents and students with access to tools and resources that will keep students learning during the summer and on track to graduate from high school and be successful in college and careers.”

MetaMetrics is developing challenging math and reading programs for students and has long been a leader in educational benchmarks, measurements, and research.

By measuring students’ potential for success, MetaMetrics is changing the face of supplemental learning with these summer initiatives.