Microsoft Adds People Analytics into Office 365 with VoloMetrix Buyout

Image Attribution: Flickr

Microsoft has announced that it has just purchased VoloMetrix for an undisclosed amount in efforts to boost Office 365 analytics. VoloMetrix specifically seeks out metrics created by end users of Office 365, which gives organizations deep insights into what their employees are spending their time upon when they use the cloud office suite.
VoloMetrix doesn’t specifically name individual users in its reports. The tool rapidly breaks down Office 365 use by job title, which gives organizations intelligence on who uses what and when. VoloMetrix provides IT administrators with data that helps them understand the usage of Office 365 in their environments.
“The hardest part about this is accessing and making sense of the real behavioral data that would give people these insights. Today … I am thrilled to announce that Microsoft has agreed to acquire VoloMetrix, a pioneer and leader in organizational analytics. This acquisition will combine VoloMetrix’ experience, technology and track record of success with Office 365 and our previously announced Delve Organizational Analytics,” said VoloMetrix CEO Ryan Fuller.
“We believe joining forces with Microsoft will be a huge win for our customers as we provide even better solutions going forward. Over the coming months, you can expect to hear more from us about new capabilities we will be rolling out, new investments in our partner eco-system and more,” added Fuller.
Although no official date has been set, cloud analysts believe that VoloMetrix will be successfully implemented into Office 365 by the end of the year. With VoloMetrix becoming baked into the Office 365 platform, Microsoft can provide organizations with the data they need in order to make mindful investments in their cloud infrastructure going forward. Microsoft broke the news of the VoloMetrix acquisition on their blog, which details the new cloud analytics capabilities for Office 365.