Microsoft Announces Unified OneDrive Desktop Sync and Office 2016 Preview

Image Attribution: Flickr

Microsoft has announced a new unified OneDrive desktop sync client that works with both Windows and Mac. The release of the unified desktop sync client is expected to happen this year.
Critics of OneDrive for Business have commented that the inherit functions are lacking; some critics such as Paul Thurrott say that the OneDrive app for consumers was much more robust and user friendly than the OneDrive for business app.
Going forward, Microsoft mentioned that they would update OneDrive for consumers and OneDrive for Businesses on the same schedule, providing uniformity and familiarity to those who use these products.
With the OneDrive Desktop Sync, enterprise users will be able to take their desktop with wherever they go within the enterprise. This functionality is concurrent with Microsoft’s OneDrive for consumer, which already has many of these desktop sync features.
Microsoft’s Reuben Krippner says, “We are all-in as far as OneDrive for Business is concerned; this is a massive set of commitments for us, and you should feel confident about where we’re heading in the future.”
In other Microsoft news, the release of Office 2016 is now available for the public to preview. In a blog article on the Office website, Microsoft encourages the public to try out this version of Office which saves documents into OneDrive by default.
It seems as if Office 2016 and OneDrive will work closely together. The new software emphasizes its ability to let users retrieve their files on any device while enabling them to collaborate in real time directly though the Office 2016 software.
Although Office 2016 defaults to the cloud, Jared Spataro writes “make no mistake, Office on Windows desktop is central to our strategy.” You can download your free evaluation copy of Office 2016 by visiting the website.