Microsoft, Blue Coat and Deloitte Scramble to Acquire Cloud Security Startups

Image Attribution: Flickr

There’s been quite a flurry of activity on the mergers and acquisitions side of the cloud business this week.


Microsoft has entered into an agreement to purchase Secure Islands, a security firm for Azure based in Israel.
Details on the acquisition were not disclosed but analysts have speculated that the deal could have easily fetched between $75M and $150M. You may remember that Microsoft recently acquired the cloud security firm Adollom.
Microsoft seems to have double downed on the cloud security front, ensuring Azure users that they have the most robust cloud security tools available for their deployments.

Blue Coat Systems

Blue Coat Systems has written a check for $280M in a bid to take over the popular California based cloud security startup Elastica.
Blue Coat has aggressively engaged in defining the future of cloud security by investing over $500 million in organic and inorganic development in recent years.
We recently wrote about Elastica as the cloud security startup helped Salesforce identify a security bug that was rapidly fixed by the Salesforce team.


Deloitte has acquired the Australian based Cloud Solutions Group (CSG). Deloitte has become a player in cloud security helping industries stay compliant throughout the various auditing processes.
Deloitte’s commitment to becoming a global player in the cloud services market is evidenced by its investment in groups such as the Cloud Solutions Group in Australia.
The CSG is reported to have existing partnerships with companies such as Amazon, VMWare, Citrix, EMC, IBM, HP, Nimble Storage and more.
“Integrating technology-based solutions with the quality, custom-designed experiences clients now want, is fundamental to future business success,” says Cindy Hook, CEO of Deloitte Australia.