Microsoft Goes Underwater to Build Cables for the Cloud

Image Attribution: Flickr

Microsoft has come a long way from being just a software provider. It’s no secret that Microsoft builds XBoxs, clouds, mobile devices and more. Now, the Redmond, WA based tech giant isn’t looking to the sky for its next big thing, it’s looking underwater.
One of the latest initiatives for Microsoft is reported to be its undersea cabling project. This week, Microsoft said that it has spent the past several months researching and investing in dark fiber providers that could help facilitate better connections for its network of cloud data centers.
InformationWeek reports that Microsoft has been in negotiations with Hibernia and Aqua Comms to build high speed data cabling under the Atlantic Ocean to connect Microsoft’s North American data centers with those located in Ireland and the UK. Microsoft will also invest in undersea cabling and a “physical landing station” that connects its North American data centers with those located in Asia.
The end goal for Microsoft is to be more competitive in the global cloud arena.  Since Microsoft’s cloud services are growing at an exponential rate, it makes sense that Microsoft would want to ensure that its data centers are well connected to each other, even if that means going underwater.
“When we look to the future with these investments, we believe our customers will see that Microsoft is pulling together all the components necessary to make its cloud services the most reliable, accessible and secure,” says David Crowley, Managing Director for Network Enablement for Microsoft.
“Competition in the cloud and infrastructure space continues to heat up. But it’s not a battle that will be won on just cloud or infrastructure alone, but instead on holistic innovation and providing value to customers from the ‘sea to the sky’,” adds Crowley.