Microsoft Now Offering Cloud in India

Microsoft has just announced that they will be offering Azure services from 3 data centers in India. Microsoft has begun hosting Azure cloud services in data centers located in Mumbai, Chennai and Pune. Microsoft had originally said that these data centers would be functional by December and it is apparent that Microsoft has made good on their promise.
Azure will likely be utilized by the Indian government as well as businesses throughout the region. An article at CRMSearch says that the Indian cloud market will reach over $1B this year. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella mentions that work began on the new Azure data centers over a year ago. Nadella goes on to say that there was significant interest in Azure before the infrastructure was built out. Microsoft had received interest from over 125 businesses and government agencies in India, thus fueling the innovation of the new data centers.
“More organizations and governments will adopt the public cloud which will open up more opportunities for Microsoft,” says Tyler Bryson, the General Manager of Marketing and Operations of Microsoft India.
“Enterprise-grade performance, flexibility and hybrid capability, openness and trustworthiness are differentiating factors of the Microsoft cloud. In addition, comprehensive higher-level business services enable new business possibilities for customers,” Bryson added.
Azure in India also holds advantages for businesses around the world that seek out technical resources in region. Since many Azure will now be native to India, businesses from all around the world can begin extending their infrastructure in India.
The new data centers just opened by Microsoft will likely set off a chain reaction in the Indian cloud market, with other market players such as IBM and Oracle trying to gain market share of the region. With Azure opening in India, businesses will now be able scale their workloads and use computing resources in a pay as you go method.