Microsoft OneClip Lets You Copy and Paste Across Different Devices

Image Attribution: Flickr

A multi-platform clipboard app called OneClip was briefly available for download. OneClip, a cross platform clipboard app, was leaked onto Twitter by user @h0x0d.
Microsoft hasn’t officially released the app yet, although, those who were able to get ahold of the leaked app were able to see the powerful app in action. Before you get too excited, Daniel Rubino at Windows Central says that Microsoft nixed the app since it was released without authorization.
So how exactly does OneClip work? Using the cloud, Microsoft allows users to copy and paste text, images and any other type of media into OneClip. Since the data is stored in the cloud, users of the iOS, Android and Windows Phone operating systems can access these clippings from any of their devices. Microsoft says that the app allows you to “Copy once, paste anywhere.”
OneClip has received several positive reviews in the Windows App Store. A user named Ramkumar mentions that OneClip is the “Best way to share clipped contents between PCs and Phones…” A reviewer named Mark says that OneClip is “Fantastic in practicality, and wickedly fast.”
OneClip is just another way that Microsoft is leveraging the cloud in order make life easier. Inside the OneClip portal, it appears that users can search a library of clipped items from their mobile devices or desktop computers. Once clipped, these text, photos and more are all accessible through the OneClip portal.
Microsoft may not be winning the mobile operating system battle but the Redmond based company has certainly made a splash in mobile app development. Matt Dayo from Stgist mentions that Google’s Android OS has 81% of the global market while Apple’s iOS has 14%. Microsoft Windows Mobile OS only makes up a tiny sliver of the overall pie. Although Windows Phone OS hasn’t taken off, apps built by Microsoft for other platforms have certainly received a fair amount praise.